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Used Longarm Quilting Machines

We just added two of our Innova floor model machines, one is a hand guided and one is computerized. We also just set up a 2016 Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher.   See details and images below. 

We are looking for trade ins so if you are thinking of upgrading to an Innova, give us a call. 

Jukebox Quilts currently has the following used longarm quilting machines available:

  • 2018 Innova 22 (Hand Guided) Floor Model ($15,995)
  • 2018 Innova 26 with Autopilot Mach 3 Floor Model ($30,520)
  • 2004 Gammill Optimum Plus (Hand Guided) ($5,995)
  • 2016 Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher ($28,995)
  • 2014 Nolting Fun Quilter 17  ($3,995) (Pictures coming soon!) 
If you are interested in any of these machines, you are welcome to come by our shop in Fort Collins for a test drive. Prices shown do not include training, tax,  or delivery. 

2016 Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher


This lightly used machine was originally purchased in April of 2016 and  comes with the following supplies and equipment:

  • Creative Studio 6 software, can upgrade to 7.1 at any time. 
  • 12 foot table 
  • Light Bar
  • Zippered Leaders
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Monitor Mount
  • Computer and Controller mounts
  • 37 spools of Signature brand thread. (Open) 
  • 9 spools of Glide thread (Open) 
  • 2 sets of Red Snappers
  • 1 partial role of cotton batting
  • 1 partial role of 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend batting
  • 24 Bobbins
  • 1 Bobbin case

2016 Gammill Optimum with Statler Stitcher


2018 Innova 26 with Autopilot Mach 3 (Floor Model) 

$30,520 (That's $4000 off list price!) 
  • 12 foot table
  • Light Bar
  • Zippered Leaders
  • Spectre LED light


2018 Innova 22 Hand Guided (Floor Model) 

$15,815 ($2000 off list price!) 

  • 12 foot table
  • Light Bar
  • Zippered Leaders
  • Spectre LED light

2004 Gammill Optimum Plus (Stitch Regulated) 


  • 30" throat
  • 14' pivotal access table
  • Workstation templates


Gammill Optimum, 12 foot table with Statler Stitcher
Location: Personal Residence in Fort Collins, CO
Price: $15,995
Contact: sallyrandroundfile@gmail.com 

This is a 2003 Gammill Optimum (30 inch throat) on a 12 foot table. The Statler Stitcher was added a few years later. The Statler Stitcher has a Dell computer with Windows XP that was rebuilt in 2011 with a new CPU and motherboard. The controller is a Mod 3. Creative Studio 4.2 is the current software. Included are - overhead light bar, two sets of zippered leaders, lots of bobbins, two bobbin cases, the original maintenance manuals, the Gammill WorkStation, a couple of miscellaneous rulers, Gam Guide and Gam Guide Jr, pins for use on the leaders, laser stylus, side clamps, centering measuring tapes, machine oiler, an extra hopping foot and a timing tool. The machine was given new check springs and washers and a basic tune up on April 27, 2018. There is a local longarm company who can take down and transport this machine for an additional fee. Contact me for more details. Otherwise, purchaser responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.


If you are interested in selling your machine and would like us to help, please call Jim at 970.224.9975. We charge a commission on the sale and in return,we
can pick it up from your home (within a four hour drive from our shop) set it up in our shop, put pictures and information about the machine on our website, service the machine, and meet with potential buyers.