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Jukebox Quilts
Supplies and Services For Quilters |  Authorized Innova Dealer 

Used Longarm and Sewing Machines

We are looking for trade ins so if you are thinking of upgrading to an Innova, give us a call. 

Jukebox Quilts currently has the following  quilting machines available:

  If you are interested in selling your machine and would like us to help, please call Jim at 970.224.9975. We charge a commission on the sale and in return, we
can pick it up from your home (within a four hour drive from our shop) set it up in our shop, put pictures and information about the machine on our website, service the machine, and meet with potential buyers.

2013 Gammill Vision 18 
Butler Quilting Robotics!


Contact information:
Laura Baynard

  •          2013 Gammill Vision 18
  •          Butler Quilting Robotics V5.1 (Added in           May 2019)
  •          10 Foot Home Pro Frame
  •           Stitch Regulation
  •          Light Bar
  •          Casters
  •          Zippered Leaders
  •          Accessories include Red Snappers,           bobbins, TOWA tension gauge



2002 Gammill Optimum with
2008 Statler Stitcher Upgrade


Call Jukebox Quilts
Ask for Jim 
  •          2002 Gammill Optimum Head (30 Inch             Throat)
  •          2008 Upgrade to Statler Stitcher
  •          2017 Computer Upgrade to All In One
  •          12 Foot Table
  •          Mod G Controller
  •          Light Bar
  •          1000’s of Digital Patterns
  •          One Owner


2013 Gammill Vision 26



Jukebox Quilts
Ask for Jim 

More pictures coming soon! 


  •          Gammill Vision 26 (20 inch                 quilting area)
  •          10 Foot Stand
  •           Stitch Regulation
  •          Breeze Track
  •          Leaders with Zippers
  •          Heavy Duty Casters
  •          Light Bar
  •          One Owner
  •          Accessories include:
  •          Red Snappers
  •          Bobbins
  •          Work Station
  •           Ruler Plate