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Why Buy an Innova Longarm Quilting Machine

ABM International, the manufacturer of Innova Longarm Quilting machines, is headquartered near Houston, Texas and has been proudly manufacturing quilting machinery in the United States for over 70 years. The engineering team at ABM International prides itself on ingenuity and continually strives to utilize the latest technologies. With emphasis on continued development, quality control and rigorous stress and strain analysis, the company produces the highest quality quilting machines available on the market today.

To understand why the Innova longarm machine  is 'Built to Quilt'  check out some of the top features found on all of the Innova machines

Full Line of Quilting Machine Sizes and Table Lengths
Computerized or hand-guided. Innova offers long arm quilting machines for every budget. The machine head options come in 20", 22", 24" and 26". which translates into 16", 18", 20", and 22" quilting area. Table lengths can be customized to fit a room or come standard in 8', 10', 12' and 14' lengths. 


Stitch Quality!!! 

This should be your number one concern.  Nothing wipes out profit more than having to remove quilting from a quilt.  You want consistent gorgeous stitches over every square inch of every quilt, no matter what thread the customer wants you to use.  Innovas provide this, perfect stitches going every direction with balanced tension on both the top and bobbin thread.  We’ve stitched with 100 weight silk, all the way to 12 weight cotton with beautiful results.  Owners of other machines will tell you their machine only likes X brand of thread.  You’ll enjoy the ability to quilt with nearly every type and brand of quality thread on the market.


You’ll want to review warranties carefully as you are considering machines.  There will be separate warranties for the castings (shell), electronics, electrical, etc.  Some manufacturers state the warranty is voided if you leave the machine plugged in all the time or if you use it for a business.  Innova 5 years electrical and mechanical on the machine head, 1 year on any optional equipment such as Autopilot and Lightening Stitch, computers have their standard warranties by their manufacturer.  On the M24, there is a 10 year electrical and mechanical warranty.

One Horse Power Motor

All Innova longarm quilting machines are equipped with a 3000 stitch per minute one horse motor. This allows for faster, more efficient quilting and better stitch regulation. The strong motor is capable of piercing multiple layer seam allowances, denim, and even leather without stalling.  

Minimal Maintenance
ABM International has applied the same design, components, and quality control that they use in the manufacture of their industrial quilting machines on their long arm quilting machines. The company doesn't want any of their customers to experience the mechanical problems, thread breaks, poor stitch quality, or the need to oil that plague many of its competitors.  

The only maintenance your Innova quilting machine requires is general cleaning of thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine. No need for oiling or greasing the upper end of the machine. Innova's goal is to 'Keep those quilts clean'. 

Lightning Stitch 

No long stitches in and out of points! Innova’s exclusive lightning stitch (stitch regulation) converts a standard analog system to the only true digital system by utilizing a Brushless Digital Servo Motor, Digital Servo Amplifier, Digital Motion Controller, and software to maintain consistent quilting stitch length whether you slow down to stitch intricate designs or speed up to do  free flowing meander. 

Spring Loaded Hopping Foot
Traditional hopping feet are rigidly mounted and do not adjust for varying thicknesses of quilt tops. The Innova spring-loaded hopping foot automatically compensates for inconsistencies in your fiber fill or for extra heavy seam allowances, which minimizes thread breaks and skipping during quilting.

Innovative Frame Design

The Pro-Frame has Innova’s unique fabric take-up compensator that eliminates the need for raising and lowering as the quilt take-up roll increases in diameter. The Innova Pro Frame stationary compensator roller maintains a perfectly level quilting bed and ensures quality stitches.

Gas spring assisted top fabric roller. This feature allows for the easy lifting of the top fabric to inspect and straighten the batting.

Raised track system. The wheels ride along a raised 1/8” track so there is no way for lint or thread dust to accumulate in the track.

24/7 Customer Support

ABM knows its customers and dealers don't just work Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. ABM International has been providing 24-hour technical support seven days a week to its industrial customers for decades and they provide this same high standard of customer service for all Innova longarm quilting machine owners. 

Rotating Sew Head  

Innova’s Patented swivel sew head is unique and exclusive to the Innova. This convenient feature included on all Innova quilting machines makes it possible to add outstanding innovative accessories such as the couching attachment as well as making it very convenient for any incidental repairs, changing of feet, removal of broken needdles, or removal of the machine from the frame.