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Computer Options for the Innova Longarm Quilting Machine

ABM International prides itself on ingenuity. Look no further than the latest computerized systems ABM offers for their Innova  quilting machines. The ‘Autopilot Mach 3'  and the  ‘Navigator’ robotic systems are the leader in the industry. The speed, reliability,  and easy to use software, make these systems the perfect choice for those quilters who quilt for themselves or for others.  ABM is also one of the few longarm companies who are a vertically integrated manufacturer. Their in-house design team, engineers, welders, machinists, and programmers, who are all located in the United States, are committed to producing and supporting a state of the art product. With ABM's commitment to innovation and 24/7 support, you can feel confident your investment is secure.  

For those quilters who prefer to quilt ‘free motion’ as well as use pantographs, ABM developed a ‘digital’ pantograph system called Pantovision. These innovative products paired with the ‘Lightning Stitch’ digital stitch regulation system make the Innova quilting machine the envy of the competition.  

Check out the options below. 

AutoPilot Mach 3™ (For M Series and Classic Machines)



This is the top-of-the-line automated quilting system for the  Innova longarm quilting machine.  To really grasp the capabilities of the Autopilot Mach 3 system you must see it in action so come by our shop in Fort Collins for a one on one demonstration and of course you  are welcome to also bring a quilt top to quilt.

Autopilot Mach 3 can be added to any Innova longarm machine with Lightning Stitch regulation. 


Some of the Top Features of Autopilot Mach 3 are:


 AP UI Main Screen


  •          Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror                                                                                             
  •          Trim
  •          Boundaries
  •          Morph
  •          Draw, Text, Advanced draw tools including anchor and line edit capabilities.
  •          Crosshatch
  •          Mask
  •          Wreath
  •          Align
  •          AutoFit
  •          Create Segments, Divide, Join
  •          Edge to Edge
  •          Echo
  •          End Snap
  •          Group, Attach, Link
  •          PushPins
  •          Advanced settings and options for all tools and features


 AP Pattern Pad


  •          Use any .dxf or .pat file
  •          View your pattern library with over 600 pre loaded patterns.
  •          Categorize patterns by tags.
  •          Easily search for patterns.
  •          Preview designs with the pattern pad.


 AP Edge to Edge


  •          Conveniently create Edge-to-Edge designs.
  •          Smoothly undo or redo actions.
  •          Customize your design with Fit, Trim, Multiply and Fill features.
  •          Change height and width.


 Grand Format Embroidery [AKA GFE] is another innovative feature that can be added to AutoPilot Mach 3™.  GFE allows the Innova to stitch embroidery patterns! This is an incredible enhancement for those desiring to make keep-sakes or competition quilts. 

Navigator™ (Innova 22 or Innova 26 only) 


Increase your freedom and release your creativity with a Navigator™ Computerized Quilting System.  If you feel you don't need the additional customizing capabilities of the Autopilot Mach 3, the the Navigator system may be the perfect option. This system provides easy to use software for Edge to Edge quilting as well as the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece.


  • Equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 All-in-One Tablet PC, the Navigator™ provides you capabilities for design layout, editing, and complete control of final pattern stitch out.


  • The incredible quick release system allows the quilter to easily go back to free-motion quilting in just a few seconds. 


  • Navigator™ comes standard loaded with fifty patterns and has the ability to upload .dxf file format patterns, or Innova’s proprietary .pat file format, providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs. 


  • Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers, including Kelly Gallagher Abbott of Jukebox Quilts,  or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Pre-Design Studio, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.


  • With the Navigator™ , patterns can be resized, trimmed, copied, and rotated.  Free-motion quilting can be recorded and saved so the recording can be used on the current quilt or at a later time.   The thread break recovery feature is an excellent safeguard, in the event that the bobbin thread runs out.  The sewing head can be moved to the exact location and stitching can resume from that point.


  • Building on the INNOVA's ability to sew 3000 stitches per minute, the maximum travel speed is 8 inches per second with an average travel speed of 4 inches per second.  Navigator™ Robotics system operates with a similar motion control design as the Autopilot Mach 3 system,   ABM International is the original inventor of computerized quilting and has the original United States Patents to prove it.  We have been manufacturing computerized machines since the late 1970’s and has proven the Navigator™ system to be both reliable and efficient. The Navigator™ is an excellent addition to the INNOVA™ longarm quilting system.


  • Navigator Tech Specs


o   2 stepper motors with encoder feedback

o   2 digital FOC stepper closed loop amplifiers

o   INNOVA zero backlash gear reduction units

o   Polyurethane steel reinforced timing belt drive

o   Quicklatch belt release system

o   Navigator proprietary motion control software

o   .dxf or .pat file up-loader

o   Fifty patterns included

o   Max. travel speed 8 inches per second

o   Average travel speed 4 inches per second

o   Max. sewing speed 3000 stitches per minute



This system allows the quilter who likes to ‘free motion’ while following a pantograph to follow the design on a tablet mounted to the front of the machine. No more tracing a paper pantograph from the back of the machine.

You can add Pantovision to any Innova longarm . For  the M24, all it requires is a mount for the tablet and plug it in 

Some of the top features of Pantovision are:


  • Enjoy quilting pantographs from the front of your machine.
  • Easily line up patterns when advancing your quilt.  
  • Produce limitless patterns and designs by using a fully digitized pantograph system.
  • Store hundreds of digital patterns to be quilted.
  • Designs can be attached, nested, and resized to create your very own pantograph patterns in limitless sizes.
  • When equipped with the optional Windows based Tablet PC, the PantoVison® provides you capabilities for intricate design layout, editing, and complete control of final pantograph patterns or quilt blocks.
  • Pre-Loaded with 50+ patterns, including designs from Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Jessica Schick, Sarah Vedeler, Urban Elements, Jodi Beamish, and Sharon Schamber.
  • Upload any .DXF file format patterns, or INNOVA's proprietary .PAT file format.
  • Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers, including Kelly Gallagher Abbott of Jukebox Quilts or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.
  • Patterns can be adjusted, resized, flipped, mirrored, copied, multiplied, and rotated.