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Interested in Starting a Quilting Business?

You’ll want to do your research to ensure you get the most reliable quilting machine at the best price. We’ll happily help you with your search. The most important part of the decision-making process is for you to get your hands on a quilting machine for several hours so you can really get a feel for how a long arm quilting machine works. We encourage you to call and reserve time to quilt a baby quilt or small lap quilt on one of our long arm quilting machines. There is no charge for this if you are in the process of researching a quilting machine purchase. There are aspects of mid/long arms that only several hours of experience can teach you and we want to help you find the right option for your needs.

Business Support
If you wish to create a business plan, we’re happy to help you do this. Whether it’s guidance about quilting machine financing or just to help you realize how easy it is to develop your own successful long arm company, the Jukebox Quilts team is here to support you.
The quilting loft at Jukebox Quilts

We are not high-pressure salespeople. 
We know there is a lot to process as you decide which quilting machine is the best for you. Frequently, this is a several month or even year long decision. We respect that, and will not ever push or pester a customer. Buying a long arm quilting machine is a big deal. Buying the perfect one for your needs is an even bigger deal. We respect this process.

We've Got You Covered
Occasionally, our customers start out with a smaller quilting machine, and realize within a few months that a larger or computer-guided machine is necessary to keep up with the demand. If this happens within six months, we'll credit back 100% the cost of your first machine on a trade in.

Sell With Us
We're also happy to list general sewing machines and other quilt-related items for sale. There may be a small charge to post this information on our website. Ask us any questions you have.

Please refer to our guides as you research purchasing a quilting system.