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Tailored Face Mask - Reversible with Elastic Ear Straps - Botanical


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Mask Rules and Etiquette

These tailored double or triple layered masks can be used by all not requiring N95 (medical grade) masks.  Leave those to medical providers who so need them.  These are two sided (wash before switching sides) washable masks that should last many washings.  Wear when shopping or around others (following distance restrictions) or if you are an essential service provider, work in food service, or have a need for a barrier mask that is not made for medical use.  They can be worn over an N95 mask to prolong the use of the medical grade mask.  These masks lack folds or tucks, which can trap and hold particles, and are tailored to be comfortable for extended amounts of time without adjustment.  We wear them with glasses, and don't have issues with fogging.


Wash hands thoroughly before and after putting on the mask.


Machine wash and dry before first use and after daily use, or whenever soiling occurs.  Use sanitizing cycle if available.  Iron if needed.


These masks are laser cut, and might have a faint smoke smell prior to being washed the first time.


Configure the ties in the way that is most comfortable for you.  The top ties can be tied on top of the head, or high on the back of the head.  The lower ties can be tied around the back of the neck, or on top of the head.  Elastic ties fit around the ears, and can be tied or taken in with a small stitched tuck for a tighter fit. 


If you need to remove the mask to eat or drink, untie only the top ties, or remove the elastic from one ear only.  Avoid taking the mask off and setting it on anything.  If you are removing it for the day, place it in a ziplock marked “used” and launder as soon as possible.


After putting it on, DO NOT TOUCH the body of the mask.  Make all adjustments by touching the ties or elastic only.  


Do not share with others.


Do not put on and take off, then put on again.  Wash between uses.