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Jukebox Pattern Finder

The Jukebox Pattern Finder is an EverNote notebook which contains a tagged catalog of all of the free designs provided with the Innova AutoPilot software, as well as free patterns that were provided with the Gammill Statler (Creative Studio program). We have also cataloged the free designs provided to the Statler Siblings group on Yahoo. In addition, we have also cataloged the patterns that are available for purchase on the Jukebox Quilts website (

PLEASE NOTE that this is just a catalog, it does *NOT*contain the actual designs in a format that your machine can use. It is most useful for Innova AutoPilot and Gammill Statler owners, as the catalog includes information about the free patterns that are included with those particular systems.

Upon purchasing the Jukebox Pattern finder, we will send you an invitation to access our directory of over 4500 digital quilting patterns. The pattern images are tagged with keywords for easy search.  To view the images, you will need to download the ‘Evernote Basic’ application. (