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Innova M24

This machine is our best seller! The 24 inch throat space is perfect for running all types of digital patterns when in computerized mode or drop the belts and it easily glides on the frame for hand guided work. 

This sleek and powerful machine can handle the most demanding quilting projects and is perfect for the quilter who enjoys hand guided projects or utilizing the robotic computer guided systems.  


The M24 starts at $21,500 and includes:

  • M24 with Lightning Stitch Regulation
  • Pro Frame with Leaders
  • Innova Starter Kit

Innova M24 Top Features:

  • 10 Year limited warranty see website for details.
  • Integrated LED lighting system with black light, dim and bright
  • Fully adjustable handles with multiple joints allowing for nearly 360 degrees of rotation for perfect control and comfort.
  • Integrated robotic systems for easy upgrade to Navigator or Autopilot Mach 3 systems.
  • Motor speed of up to 4000 stitches per minute, stitch as fast as you want, never outrun the motor!
  • Sound deadening insulation. The quietest Innova longarm yet!
  • Lightning Stitch Regulation is now standard on the M24. Lightning Stitch replaces the standard analog motor found on all other longarm machines with a digital brushless ‘servo’ motor and control system. This motor and digital control system will maintain accurate stitch length when you slow down for an intricate design or when you just want to do a high speed meander.
  •  Motor has been moved to the lower left rear of the machine for improved hand guided control.
  • The M24 also includes as standard the other innovative features Innova quilting machines are known for such as:
  •  The rotating sewing head that allows for easy change of the hopping foot, needle, or removal from the table.
  • Spring loaded hopping foot that allows the machine to glide over thick seams or different batting thickness.
  • Thread break sensor