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JBKGA Circuit Board Trimmable

JBKGA Circuit Board Trimmable Designed by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott Copyright 2018
This pattern is designed at 100” width as a trimmable pattern. Set it up with one repeat, and nestle rows together. Trim off any excess from edges of quilt with your software. This cannot be set up as an edge to edge pattern with any more than one repeat without having a tie off.

This product is a digital download and includes all stitch formats needed for computerized longarm quilting systems:
CQP (CompuQuilter)
HQF (HQ Pro-Stitcher)
IQP (IntelliQuilter)
PAT (ABM Innova)
PLT (QBOT HPGL Plotter Files)
QLI (Statler Stitcher)
SSD (Side Saddle)
TXT (PC Quilter)
Other formats are available per request.