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JUKI Home Sewing Machines


Jukebox Quilts is now an authorized  dealer for the JUKI QVP line of sewing, quilting, and serger machines.  This line of JUKI machines offers features not available on other Juki brands plus dozens of accessories to make the machine more versatile than ever!


Why purchase your Juki from Jukebox Quilts? Unlike ‘online’ only retailers, Jukebox Quilts offers one on one demonstration of the machines and  you get some actual ‘hands on’ time so you can make sure the machine is easy to use and has the features you need. Also, if your machine is ever in need of service, we can help. No need to go through the hassle and expense of shipping your machine back to Juki.


Picking the Perfect Juki - Which Machine is Best for You?

We love Juki's!  A talented friend and quilt maker, Patt Blair, introduced Kelly to them in the mid 2000s.  Kelly has owned all major brands, but now sews exclusively on Juki machines. Here are our staff's top picks from the  QVP line of machines. We choose these machines for their features, accessories, and price. Click on the images below for more information.   If you would like to talk to us more about these machines, please call 970.224.9975 or send us an email to: and we will tell you about what makes the Juki QVP machines our favorite for sewing, piecing, and free motion quilting. 

 Plus we can let you know about our special offers on these machines!

Picking the Perfect Juki - Which Machine is Best for You?

A Quilt Piecer’s Dream Machine!
Quilters love the accuracy when piecing on this machine. This machine is similar to the TL-2010Q but comes with a number of additional features and accessories.  
Enjoy a new level of performance with JUKI's quilting & sewing machine, the DX-2000QVP. This versatile machine is ideal for more advanced garment sewing as well as quilting

Experience JUKI’s new high-speed free motion quilting and sewing machine with digital technology. With a maximum sewing speed of 2,500spm, this quiet and durable machine allows you to finish your work even faster.

Effortless Threading with the Power of Air. Simplified Serging with Informational LCD Screen that offers easy set-up instructions including tension settings for 15 different stitches at a glance on the LCD Screen. No more searching through pages of your manual, serging is simplified with the informational LCD screen.


The DX3000 QVP is the next generation in JUKI Home Sewing Machines is setting a new standard with 12" of sewing space, digital tension, JUKI Smart Feed, and interchangeable single needle system.

What makes Juki special:

We discovered the Juki 2010 in 2006.  It was a super affordable, metal heavy duty machine that professional quilt makers were raving about.  It became Kelly's machine of choice for the super accurate scant quarter inch; the included walking foot, knee lift and thread cut feature; extended throat table, and box feed - which feeds two fabrics perfectly even for piecing on long borders or strips.  The included free motion quilting feet, cone thread stand, and large throat space were icing on the cake.  Visitors to our shop frequently used it while renting our quilting machines, and would insist on leaving with it.  After selling a few dozen, we ultimately approached Juki about being dealers.

Every Juki machine is awesome.  They require minimal maintenance.  The home machines are heavily based on their industrial technology.  They are fraction the cost of many other brands.  The QVP line comes with every imaginable accessory included.  If there is another you decide you want, they are very inexpensive, unlike some machines.  Also unlike other manufacturers, they are not built to be obsolete in a few years, forcing you to upgrade.  

Kelly has owned every major brand, but the Juki's are all she now uses.  Come in to give one a try - if you have a project needing absolute accuracy, come work on it here.  We promise you'll love the machine, the price, and the support and service we provide.  

About Juki

Over 60 Years in the Business of Sewing:

Juki began their original home sewing machine business in 1945. The first home machines were manufactured in 1947 and were marketed in Japan and other countries around the globe. Although Juki grew to become an industrial sewing machine giant, the original sewing machines produced were home machines.

In 1953 Juki began the sale of industrial sewing machines. Beginning with basic machines for the garment plant, their research evolved through the years, bringing sewing to a higher level of technology. With the development of electronic functions and motors, the path was paved for advances in labor saving devices providing increased productivity, as well as operator comfort and safety. These high tech innovations, fueled by Juki research and development, placed the company in the forefront of the global needle trade markets.


 Home Technology Revolutionized:

Juki’s revolutionary advancements in home technology include the development of the first rotary needle thread take-up system in l954, the first automatic thread trimmer and auto needle threader in l978, and the first auto thread tension system in 1985. These breakthroughs in home sewing brought about the progression of new HZL models at that time.

Sergers on the Scene:
In 1974 Juki opened the first U.S. office in New York City, as the brand popularity grew internationally for home and commercial use. They expanded to a larger facility in Saddle Brook, New Jersey in 1976 where offices and warehouse space accommodated their growth. This operation handled the distribution of the industrial line and would eventually handle the home overlocks as well.

Two years later the first Juki home overlock machines were manufactured with industrial serger technology. When released to the American market, these machines were considered a major breakthrough in home sewing capabilities and became quite famous in the market. Home dealers and industrial distributors alike were delighted with the performance and durability of the new Juki Lock MO-100 Series. Many home sewers still inquire about accessories for the MO-100 because they still own their original serger today!