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Some projects need more speed and space than a smaller machine can deliver. With this in mind, Juki now offers the J-150QVP, a commercial grade machine for the home market. This machine has a large work surface with 12 inches under the arm and a large, smooth table for any sewing project, from free motion quilting, home décor, clothing, or leather hand bags.  

We have some customers who are super fast piecers and create bags and other home decor items who need more power, faster stitch speeds and the working surface provided by commercial machines.  This machine is a heavy duty commercial machine modified for home use - it’s possible to drop the feed dogs for machine quilting, also made easy by the large included table and fold up leaf.  There is a 12” opening, and it stitches up to 2500 stitches per minute.  All adjustments are made with the electronic interface.  A couple of other interesting features - instead of sitting in an oil pan, there is a sealed oil reservoir.  The free motion foot can be used with rulers, and by adjusting the pitch of stitch you can sew multiple thick layers with ease - think leather, canvas, nylon webbing straps, etc.



  • Large Work Surface: The generous 12” wide throat space allows you to finish big projects with ease.
  • Custom Switches: Two easily accessible switches (A and B) can be assigned for operations, for example, needle up and down or raising the presser foot.
  • Independent Bobbin Winder: The QVP’s bobbin winder operates with an independent motor. Full capacity L size bobbins filled with your favorite thread ready to complete your project.
  • One-Touch Switching to Free Motion Mode: The machine is equipped with a button for switching between straight stitch mode and free motion mode.
  • Micro-Lifter Function: By inputting a negative value for the presser foot pressure, fabric can be sewn with the presser foot floating at a height of 0 to 4mm. This helps when sewing thick seams and reduces uneven feeding when quilting.
  • Digitally Controlled LCD Panel: Adjust settings, for example, stitch length, thread tension, presser foot pressure with the touch of a button. Settings can be confirmed and specified from this large panel.
  • Bobbin Thread Counter: With the count changing by one for every 10 stitches sewn, the counter can be used as a guide for when to replace the bobbin thread.
  • Four Feed Operation Types: From the operation panel, you can select the appropriate feed operation for the item being sewn: standard for normal fabric, front up for thin fabric or knits, rear up for thick fabrics, and box feed for quilting. 
  • Adjustable LED Light: using an easily accessible switch, the brightness can be adjusted to one of five levels. 
  • Easily Insert and Remove Thick Fabrics: When the presser foot is raised, the feed dog is automatically lowered. In addition, the presser foot can be raised to a height of up to 13.5mm allowing thick fabrics to easily be inserted and removed.
  • Maintenance-Free: Fill oil tank through the filler opening at the front of the sewing machine to ensure that the hook is automatically lubricated.