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Check out these articles in our knowledge base if you have questions on sewing, quilting, or use of your Innova longarm or Juki sewing  machines. We are adding to this list all the time. 

Knowledge Base

General Quilting

How Do I Prepare My Quilt for Longarm Quilting?

Thinking about sending one of your quilts out for long arm machine quilting?  There are several things you should know that will affect your choices and more 

What Are Some Handy Tools For My New Longarm?
Here is a list of handy tools for your new more

Pattern Primer: What Do All The Letters and Terms Mean?
If you are new to longarm quilting you may see terms that might be confusing, read more

Thread Socks - Should I Use Them?
The quick answer is no, and I cringe when I hear quilters recommend them, here is more

What Do We Mean 'Respect the Bias'?
When it comes to fabric there are some pretty important more

How Can I Achieve Accurate Piecing?
Accurate seam allowances are extremely important, less than a 1/4 inch, or a scant 1/4 is more 

How Can I Achieve Perfect Piecing_part 2?
More on accurate more

Can I Make Money With My Longarm?
Yes! Here is a list of 42 ways you can make money with your more

How Do We Use Red Snappers?
Loading your backing fabric with 'Red Snappers' is a time more

How do I Make Side Leaders For My Longarm?
When working with stretchy fabrics like Minky or silks, you might find that using one or two heavy clamps on the quilt sides will distort the backing fabric...Read More

What every longarmer should know about insuring and protecting their longarm machine
Most quilters have made a significant investment in their machines and supplies so its important to take steps to protect your investment and have the proper more

What Costs Can I Expect When I Have My Quilt Professionally Quilted?
Thinking about taking your quilt to be professionally quilted? Here is a list of the 'typical' costs involved....Learn More

Forms mentioned in this article:

Quilt Intake Form

How to Prepare Your Quilt For Longarm Quilting

Innova Machine Tips

What can you do when the 'Bottom' tension is not right?
If you feel the bottom tension on your quilt doesn't look quite right try these steps...Read More

How Much Room Do I Need For an Innova Longarm?
In general, you would want to have a couple of extra feet to comfortably walk around the entire table so for a 12 foot table, we suggest you have at least 14 feet in length and 6 feet in width. Check out our room dimension guide. 

How Can I Fix Poor Stitch Quality?
Poor stitch quality can be caused by a number of reasons. Here is a check list to run through when you are having more

How Do I Adjust My Tension on My Innova?
Michael Schwazberger from ABM International demonstrates tension adjustment on the Innova