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Jukebox Pattern Finder

We at Jukebox Quilts use Evernote in order to catalogue our digital patterns. Evernote is a wonderful free organizing program you can download. We have created notebooks in Evernote with nearly 4,000 free digital pattern images categorized by pattern types, themes, and designer. We share these notebooks with you if you purchase a machine from us, or you can purchase access for a one-time fee of $30. Click here to buy it now!

This program makes it super easy to find patterns without having to keyword them all yourself. You can create an additional notebook of the patterns you purchase. When you do a search, say for a modern edge to edge, all notebooks are scanned for patterns meeting those search terms. 
Extra bonuses include searchable images of all edge to edge patterns sold by Deb Geissler and all Jukebox designers. We also update this database every month or two so it includes the latest information.

Note: Evernote does not link to or include the patterns. It is a searchable database, like a directory, of images of the patterns and provides information on where the pattern can be found. The actual patterns will be delivered to you separately. Evernote is cloud based, and can be put on all of your devices. It can be used for anything, including organizing your embroidery or other stitch design files.

We’re happy to address any questions you might have!