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Innova Longarm Machine Warranties

The Innova 18, 22, and 26 machines have the following warranty:


  •          5 years manufactures warranty
  •          5 years mechanical parts warranty
  •          5 years electronic/electrical warranty
  •          1 year warranty for electronic options***

To read the full warranty certificates, select the documents listed below:

Certificate of Limited Warranty

Electronics Certificate of Limited Warranty

Normal Wear and Tear Items


The New Innova M series (20,24,28) have the following warranty:


  •          10 years manufactures warranty
  •          10 years mechanical parts warranty
  •          10 years electronic/electrical warranty
To read the full warranty certificate, select the link below:

 M24 Certificate of Limited Warranty

***Electronic Options include Autopilot, Navigator, Pantovision, Lightning Stitch, Electric Lift, computers, and tablets.  Please refer to the individual warranties for these items.