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Innova 26

The Innova 26 is the professional’s choice for hand guided or computer guided quilting. Easily add the Autopilot or Navigator computer guided systems to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Innova 26 Top Features: 


  •          Quilting area 23 inches
  •          Patented spring loaded hopping foot
  •          3000 stitches per minute
  •          Patented rotating sew head
  •          Programmable 5-22 stitches per inch
  •          Programmable 0-500 minimum stitches per minute sew speed
  •          Manual speed control on handles for on the fly adjustments
  •          Needle up/down programmable settings
  •          Both manual and regulated modes
  •          Phenolic composition high density wheels
  •          5 year warranty
  •          24/7 technical support line
  •          Laser and pointer stylus
  •          Front and rear handle
  •          Articulation sewing light
  •          Large "M" size Innova Red Vortex Bobbin
  •          Non engaging hand wheel (For safe operation)