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Creative Studio / Statler

What if the power goes out while I’m using my Statler? As for power losses while sewing, here is what I understand the current recommendations are from Statler: it is fine to have your computer, speakers, etc. on a battery backup unit, but not the controller. It should be on a high quality surge protector. If the power goes off, save your project in the computer (you’ll need to do a relocate later), turn things off and unplug everything. After the power is back on plug everything in and restart. We deal with areas prone to surges and lightning strikes. If you live in an area like this, it might be good to keep your machine unplugged when not in use.Statler Videos Did you know that there are many helpful videos on the Gammill Youtube channel for Statler users? They are adding new Statler videos as trainers become certified. Videos worth checking out:

-Relocate Shift All to One Point with Susan Smith
-Pan and Zoom with Page Johnson
-Stand Alone Mode (SAM) with TJ Speiser
-Introduction to Circular Array with Debbie Tribble

Evernote and the Jukebox Pattern Finder
Evernote is a wonderful free organizing program you can download. We have created notebooks in Evernote with nearly 4,000 free digital pattern images categorized by pattern types, themes, and designer. We share these notebooks with you if you purchase a machine from us, or you can purchase access for a one-time fee of $30. This program makes it super easy to find patterns without having to keyword them all yourself. You can create an additional notebook of the patterns you purchase. When you do a search, say for a modern edge to edge, all notebooks are scanned for patterns meeting those search terms.

Extra bonuses include searchable images of all edge to edge patterns sold by Deb Geissler and all Jukebox designers. We also update this database every month or two so it includes the latest information.

Note: Evernote does not link to or include the patterns. It is a searchable database, like a directory, of images of the patterns and provides information on where the pattern can be found. The actual patterns will be delivered to you separately. Evernote is cloud based, and can be put on all of your devices. It can be used for anything, including organizing your embroidery or other stitchable files.

Upgrading to CS 6.0
Are you thinking of upgrading to Creative Studio 6.0 but you are not sure if you have the right hardware, operating system, or if the new features will benefit you? If you need answers to any these questions please check out the information below. To see if your hardware (Computer and Controller) and operating system are compatible with 6.0, review the Statler_Upgrade_Chart. (Note: Windows 7 computers are no longer available)

Computer and Operating System:
Basically, if your computer is running Windows XP you will need to upgrade the computer to a Windows 8 computer. Gammill offers a standard desktop PC. A new Windows 8 computer purchased from Gammill is currently $1495 for a desktop PC.  Gammill highly recommends purchasing a computer through them as it is configured to work seamlessly with the controller and it comes preloaded with all of the current Gammill software, including the firmware update software for your controller. If you choose to purchase a computer from another source and you end up needing Statler support to configure it properly, be prepared to pay for the support. To order a new computer, please contact your local dealer.

In most cases, if you purchased your machine prior to 2013, you will most likely need to upgrade the controller’s firmware. To check your firmware, open Creative Studio and go Tools/Technical Support/Controller Definition/Galil Settings/ then look for ‘Controller Version’. If your version is not Q4 or later (Rx) then you need to upgrade. The upgrade involves connecting a serial cable to the Galil board inside your controller to the computer and then running the Firmware upgrade program. You can purchase the serial cable and firmware update from Gammill for $35.

What’s New in 6.0
CS 6.0 has a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes. To review the ‘What’s New in CS 6.0 document or to download the software, click here