Absent Minded Moments (AMMs) – Other Entries

Scroll down to read the hilarious AMM from Tracy K that won our $25 gift certificate.  Here are some other entries.  Feel free to ‘fess up to yours!

 Cindy L sent these –
Trying to start the car with the house key and vice a versa, and pushing the button on the cell phone at the car door to open it.  My husband put a cup of liquid blueing in as laundry detergent and thought his Levi’s ran color.  My mom put the toaster in the fridge and cried, it was menopause.

Here’s Tae’s story –

I was at a quilt retreat this past fall with bunch of quilter friends.  My challenge quilt was the one block wonders pattern, so I was sewing bunch of triangles together in a chain stich.  After “sewing” about a dozen of pieces, I realized that I forgot to put a thread on my machine…  Needless to say, the triangles that were supposed to be sewn together were piled up behind the machine un-sewn…

My friend took a proof photo…  That was so funny it made me cry!!!