Welcome to our new website!

We’re glad you’re here!  This new site has been a long time coming as we’ve had a rather chaotic year.  Note to self:  do not start a monstrous project like this while buying and renovating a huge commercial building built in the 30’s, moving, and doing more teaching and travel than ever. But… it’s up, and running, both good things!

We’re going to work on making this the a super informative and educational place for you to visit.  The site has been built to have videos and other content to help with everything quilting, especially for longarmers.  It will be a work in process, and we appreciate any feedback you might have.

It’s a tough day to be working inside on this – check out the view, right this minute, from my window:

Fall Colors in Colorado

Let us know what you think, and what we can include to help you advance your quilting zen!

Kelly and Jim