Sockhop 2017

2017 Sockhop
Statler Owner Classes at Kelly’s

Each session goes from noon to 3.

We’ve clearly heard you that you enjoy these meetings and want them to continue! We will be trying something a little new this next year. This year’s meetings will be all about challenging you to build your skills. Every meeting will have show and tell, question and answers, troubleshooting, CS demos, and networking with fellow Statler owners.

You can attend meetings for the year for a $60 membership, or you can choose a $110 membership, and at the end of the year, you’ll receive $150 worth of free patterns for your Statler. All new owners get one year ($110) membership free. If you purchase after July, you’ll be able to attend sessions through the following year, but will get only the free patterns the calendar year you purchased your machine.

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Registration for Full Sockhop: Full Membership Sockhop.

Session 1 Saturday, March 4th

Discussion about our “Quilt as Desired” Challenge. You’ll be given a simple wallhanging pattern to make on your own in batiks or solids (so the quilting really shows!). We’ll have a few kits available to purchase, or use your own fabrics, and we challenge you to quilt it as you like! Bring it back to Session 3 for a little friendly competition. Seeing the same quilt quilted in a variety of ways is great fun and super educational!

Session 2 Saturday, April 1st

CS 7.0 – What’s New and Wonderful! Learn all about the soon to be released new software. Our challenge for you for this month is to bring in a quilt that showcases a creative and effective use of E2E, B2B or P2P.

Session 3 Saturday, May 20th

Quilt as Desired Quilt Show and awards. Those bringing a finished quilt back will all get an “award,” plus additional awards will be given for some fun categories we’ll tell you about at Session 1. We’ll ask some of you to explain the processes you used and to offer any tidbits to others to help everyone build new skills. We’ll also ask to borrow your quilt until Session 4 for a shop display!

Session 4 Saturday August 5th
“Cooking” Challenge – we’ll review pattern editing and drawing in Creative Studio, giving you all the same basic ingredients and kitchen tools for you to go home and whip up your own creation. Using the zillions of free patterns and powerful CS features, you’ll be challenged to chop up and mix new designs for a wholecloth wallhanging for session 5. Email us the new patterns you created (using only the free ones available), and we’ll distribute them all to the members of this group!

Session 5 Saturday Oct. 7th

Cooking Challenge Reveal. Just as in Session 3, we’ll have everyone share techniques and cooking secrets. We’ll also teach a few fun projects that can be used for quick gifts to get a little ahead for the holidays. We’d love to display your quilts for this until Session 6.

Session 6 Saturday Nov. 4th

Topic to be determined by the group – you can let us know if you want a guest presenter or to focus on a certain topic. We’ll be asking you about this throughout the year, so start brainstorming!

**If weather or any other unplanned events require us to change the dates, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Disclaimer – although we think these dates will work, sometimes things pop up that might require they change. Please watch for these announcements in newsletters and emails!