Machine Service & Maintenance

Expert, Factory-Approved Service

Explanation of costs and replacement parts:

We charge $95 per hour for one technician,  plus the current IRS mileage charge, and if a hotel room is required, this will be added. We can generally get through a full service in one to two hours.  Replacement of wearable parts is approximately an additional $20-30. We will communicate the approximate time of your service with you, but please be aware that it can be difficult to predict how long each machine may take. We will call you as we leave the previous service call.

We always attempt to group regional service calls to decrease your expenses for travel and hotel accommodations. When there are a group of a machines requiring maintenance in a geographical area, we total all mileage and expenses and divide the cost between everyone getting service. This saves you a considerable amount. If you know of other owners who might want service, please have them contact us at (970)224-9975.

What to expect during your maintenance/service call from Jukebox Quilts:

We do a complete inspection and cleaning, open and clean the machine, replace wearable parts, check the stitch quality, timing, motor brushes, motor position, belt, etc. We do not inspect or resolve table set-up issues unless you inform us of any specific concerns. If you or a non-Gammill dealer have moved the machine, you may want us to do this. If the table is not level, we need to know prior to coming to bring the appropriate items.

If you have a Statler, we don’t generally inspect the motor pulleys, belts, computer or controller fans, etc. unless you request this. Inspecting and cleaning out your computer and controller is something you should do on a regular basis while properly grounded to prevent static discharge. Please note that removing thread or debris from the tracks, belt pulleys, or upper shaft is very time consuming. You will want to do general housekeeping prior to us arriving and inspect these areas in order to save time and money.

Please make it clear if we will need to do any additional tasks, like change your wheels or canvas leaders. These require a great deal of extra time. If we do not know about this ahead of time, we may not be able to complete this without the necessary equipment and/or assistance.

Prior to us arriving, please remove quilt from the machine. Maintenance is messy and we need to be able to move the machine freely to access it, and oil and debris could damage a quilt. Please load one square yard of a solid fabric for a backing, have a full layer of the batting you prefer to use, and baste a 30” square top layer of solid fabric so that we can adequately test your machine. Use a decent quality fabric as cheap fabrics and batting can affect stitch quality.

Additional items you should have on hand include paper towels and an old towel, a trash container and a vacuum with extension tubing/hand held tool if you want us to vacuum your tracks and hook assembly (or save money by doing this yourself prior to our visit).

Recommended parts to have on hand:

Whether you are in need of service or not, we suggest you have the following parts on hand at all times.

Front tension assembly and/or all components (lightweight cone spring, check spring, felt pads)
Anti backlash springs
Needle set screw
Handle buttons
Fuses (Visions and Plus machines)
Oil and needle tipped oil bottle
Slip on guides
Squiggle or front guide
Extra bobbin case
Extra bobbins

General maintenance and cleaning we recommend you complete prior to your service call:

Clean hook, bobbin assembly and needle/hopping foot area – NO canned air
Change needle
Vacuum tracks and wipe down table top
Oil machine (every two bobbins oil front wicks and bobbin, oil full machine every 8 hours, bobbin winder every 6-7 bobbins
Check belts!

Remove needle plate, clean (vacuum) and put back in proper position
Clean fans on computer, controller
Oil bobbin winder, inspect O ring
Clean IT assembly
Inspect thread path for burrs, wear
Inspect check and anti-backlash springs
Inspect Encoder O rings

Check and clean motor brushes
Consider annual service by dealer
Replace handle switches and encoders when necessary

Oil Routine on Statlers: In addition to regular oiling, run backwards oil routine every 8-12 hours of quilting.