Preparing Your Quilt to be Quilted at Jukebox Quilts

We have visitors all the time to Jukebox Quilts, long-time friends and new faces. For those of you new to Jukebox Quilts and our longarm quilting services we’ve created a small “To Do” list for you so that when you come in to quilt with us you’re ready! Follow the checklist and you’ll save time and money on your next quilting project.

Press the top, and stay stitch any pieced edges for stability (⅛” from the raw edge so that thte stay stitching will be covered by the binding). To prevent wrinkling, fold the quilt in accordion folds that are parallel to the top and bottom of the quilt. Hang this over a padded coat hanger (to make: wrap some extra batting around the hanger).

Your batting and backing will need to be 8” wider and longer than your top (for 4” all the way around). We have a variety of batting at the shop for very good prices, if needed. Press the backing, and hang as for the top. Folding the top and backing in accordion folds parallel to the top and bottom edges will ensure that these folds will be released because of the tension of the rails of the machine. (If you discussed with one of the quilters to put your quilt on sideways, you will accordion fold parallel to the side edges.) It should be noted that many people bring along snacks and beverages because some sessions can run 2hrs and up. Feel free to bring a lunch or a book for any downtime you may have during your visit. We have a refrigerator as well as a microwave should you need it during your time at Jukebox Quilts!

_Top and backing is pressed and clean

_Top and backing are accurately squared

_Backing and batting are at least 8” larger than the quilt top

_Top edges of backing and batting are marked

_Drape over padded hangers to prevent wrinkles

_Consider theme, designs and patterns for the quilting – digital stitching.