Our First Entry to the AMM Competition

TK is in the running with this story!  Hilarious!

One day while getting ready to start the daily taxi service for the kids, (and running a bit late as usual), I couldn’t find my cell phone.  So the panic starts.  “We can’t leave the house if I don’t have my phone, start looking for it,” (you know the battle cry.). So I tried looking for the house phone to call the cell phone.   That one is, of course, also missing.  So the boy pops off,  “Mom just use the phone in your hand to call your cell.”  So I start dialing, and my cell goes straight to VM. Great…it’s also not charged, I say, “keep looking.”   I’m not really sure how long the boy knew the phone I was calling my cell with was my cell, but it took me a minute or two to figure it out.   Is days like that where you just really need to take the kids somewhere, and come back home and go back to bed.