Laser Cut Fabric and Laser Cut Kits at Jukebox Quilts

Did you know that we have a laser cutter at Jukebox Quilts? We have an Epilog Laser Helix system. We love this new technology and have used it on several of our newest quilting and appliqué projects. Put simply, a laser cutter allows us to make precision cut fabric in less time and laser cut fabric pieces come out perfect every time.  We have begun to create laser cut quilt kits and what this means for you is less work and more fun because we pre-fuse our appliqué kits! When piecing, the cuts enable for perfect quick piecing and our appliqué elements are pre-cut and pre-fused. Once you’ve decided on placement, all that’s needed is a bit of ironing. Aside from appliqué, the laser cutter allows us to develop more interesting, complex and beautiful quilt patterns. We end up saving all sorts of time and can finally give our rotary cutters a break! We have several laser cut fabric quilt kits available in our shop as well as online.

Laser cut bat quilt

Laser cut quilt kits