Fort Fiber Quilt – Our new row of the month project!

Jukebox Quilt's Fort Fiber Quilt Designed by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott
Jukebox Quilt’s Fort Fiber Quilt Designed by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott

Store visitors loved our free row created for this year’s Row by Row event!  I so enjoyed designing it that I got carried away – and created a whole quilt.  The free row was the rafters (available for purchase after Nov. 1st). The second row is now available (the rafters and fisherman, as a pattern or a pattern and kit).  We’ll be releasing a new row every month, working down the quilt, then the side borders, and the top border is last.

On Row 2, templates are included that are reversed and grouped by color.  Simply cut out the color group and glue stick to the back of your fusible prior to cutting them out – no tracing, reversing, etc.!  Easy Peasy!  Starting on Row 3, the kits will be pre fused and laser cut!  Press them in place and stitch ’em down!  We’re working on a bunch of fun stuff for our new laser cutter. Stay tuned!

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