Sharon Perry and Susan Smith Quilting Classes

Join us this summer in welcoming two amazing guest teachers for three days of quilting classes!

Sharon Perry from New Zealand’s House of Creations is a fabulous designer of patterns for digital quilt machines. Sharon has great techniques for setting up patterns to look like highly custom work, but that run quickly and efficiently without much effort.

Susan Smith is a quilter using Mach3 on her Innova longarm from Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. Susan’s background is in the areas of quilting, education, training, technology, management, and organization development. She teaches quilting related software (with experience in both Creative Studio and Mach 3) in classes, conferences, and quilt shows. As she wanted specific quilting patterns for her classes, she became interested in digitizing and is an Art and Stitch certified teacher. She loves learning new things and sharing them with others!

These two wonderful ladies will be teaching classes this June 21-23 2017. Topics of study range from point to point patterns, how to approach custom quilting, versatility in using digital designs in unique ways as well as point to point work in triangles, sashings and specialty blocks. For detailed information on class descriptions and to register please click here.

This will be a packed three days where you’ll learn how to accomplish the look of custom quilting using the power of the software to save time and effort. If you’re a Sockhop member, take one of the Thursday classes on us! Call to sign up – the website sign up option won’t work for your free class.