Rules and Regulations

Contest Description

Individual quilt makers are asked to create a 40” square quilt with a Naval Aviation theme (airplanes, aircraft carriers, space, honoring an aviator, etc.). No particular fabric is required. Group submissions (made by two or more people) can be 40” wide x 60” tall, and embellished quilts (beaded, crazy quilts) can be 20" square. The deadline for online quilt submissions is October 1st, 2010.


General Challenge Rules

  1. The quilt must depict naval aviation in some manner. You may use a traditional pattern, but you will be required to explain why you feel your design is related to naval aviation.

  2. Finished size of the quilt must be 40 inches square. Group quilts can be 40” wide by 60” tall. All quilts must meet this criteria for the ease and speed of hanging the displays.

  3. Judging emphasizes originality, creativity, visual impact, and workmanship.

  4. To be considered for judging, entries must be able to travel as a part of one of the collections and will be shipped to shows throughout the year. The items in the collections will be packed and unpacked many times during that year. While great care is taken to protect the items in the collection as carefully as possible, breakable embellishments may become damaged. Special packing instructions cannot be followed. When designing your entry these factors should be taken into consideration so that entries are not fragile. Quilts must be able to be folded, and should not include any stiff stabilizers or fabrics that will not easily release creases once hung for display.

  5. Your online entry form must be submitted no later than October 1st, 2010. No late entries will be accepted. Online submissions will require photographs. Advice on photographing your quilt will be made available on the website. If you are unable to photograph your entry or fill out an online form, please contact the curator at 970-224-9975.

  6. If your quilt is selected for one of the traveling collections, you will be notified by Oct. 7th, 2010 that you will need to send your quilt to the curator by Oct. 15th, 2010. You will be provided with the shipping address. When packing your entry, Please do not use oversize shipping containers or Styrofoam peanuts. A copy of the entry form must be included in the shipping carton.

  7. Multiple entries per person will be accepted with separate fees and forms for each entry.

  8. The online entry will require a $25 submission fee. This fee is non refundable. The submission form will need to be electronically signed indicating you understand all rules and requirements. If you are notified to send your quilt in for inclusion in the traveling exhibit, you will be asked if you wish to donate your quilt or the auction. You can instead choose to receive the quilt back at the end of the year’s travels. If you wish to receive it back, you will be required to include a fee for return postage when you submit your quilt

  9. If your quilt is not selected to be included in the traveling exhibit, you can still choose to donate the quilt. Donated quilts become the property of the Naval Aviation Foundation, and will be auctioned online, at a live auction, or sold for a set price at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. All proceeds from the auctions or sales will benefit the National Flight Academy. You will be notified where and when to ship your quilt to the curator. The Naval Aviation Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization. Please consult with your tax preparer to learn about deducting your contribution.

  10. If you are asked to send your quilt, we will provide delivery confirmation. Enclose a SASE, or a SAS postcard. We will also send an email. Please add both and to your safe sender’s list.

  11. Entries must be clean when they are received or they may be returned. Do not add potpourri, sachets or any other fragrances to your entry, as many people (including curators or judges) may be allergic. Cigarette odor may result in immediate disqualification. Please do not include specially made bags, pillowcases, etc. We are unable to include these with the quilts during travel, and unable to store them for the year. They will be discarded, or you will be required to pay for return postage if you wish to have them sent back.

  12. Each quilt must have a sleeve attached to the top back for hanging. The sleeve opening must be 4 inches wide after it is attached to the quilt, and must be attached in a way that it will not show when the quilt is hanging.

  13. A fabric identification label must be securely sewn to a bottom back corner of the quilt (a paper label pinned to the quilt is not acceptable). The label must contain the same full name and address that appears on the official entry form. The label should also contain the title of the entry and your contact information.

  14. All quilt layers must be secured with quilting or tying (for crazy quilts only) - false backs not secured to the batting or quilt front may not be used.

  15. Quilts will be judged in one of the following categories; appliqué, pieced, or mixed technique. Please mark the appropriate category on the form. (Curator’s Note: We reserve the right to change the category if we decide it is appropriate and/or necessary.) Quilts may be selected for the additional awards that aren’t included in the categories. The “Additional Award Categories” such as Best Group, etc. will be selected without regard to the construction methods.


Frequently Asked Questions for Entrants

Construction Questions

Please read all General Challenge Rules.

Construction Questions

Does my quilt have to be folded?

Yes. The quilts travel in large trunks that are approximately 36x20x18". All quilts have to be folded to fit in this trunk, and should be made so that any folds easily relax and the quilt hangs nicely.

Can I use large embellishments?

Preferably no. Any embellishments used must be securely attached and not at risk for damage during the travel and display. If the embellishments require special handling, the quilt will not be accepted for travel.

Can I use photo transfer?

Yes, as long as the image isn't damaged by folding.

Can I use someone else's pattern?

Yes, but please give credit on the application form, and it is always best that you write and ask the designer for permission to use the pattern in your entry.

I want to make a crazy quilt. Can it be 20"x40"?

Unfortunately, no. The displays will need to be set up quickly, so the measurements must be strictly adhered to for purposes of planning the layout and hanging the actual display. Embellished quilts can be 20"x20", or 40"x40", unless it is a group quilt, which can also be 40" wide x 60" tall.

Is there any theme not allowed?

These quilts will hang at public events, and must be tasteful and acceptable to all attendees, including children.

What do the judges look for in the winners?

Depiction of a naval aviation theme, visual impact and workmanship of the piece. Creativity and design quality are strongly valued.

If I have a special box made with custom miniature packing peanuts numbering in the millions, will my entry be returned in the same packing?

With the exception of cigarette odor, the most guaranteed way of making our whole team twitchy is to pack your item with peanuts. We recognize this as a good cushioning substance, but get very tired of chasing them around the studio, neighborhood, etc. Quilts really don't require packing materials, but if you feel compelled to include any, please use bubble wrap. The boxes we have received for other challenges fill several trailer loads, and therefore cannot be stored. Any packing materials are sent for recycling. Please don’t send custom bags, cushioning systems, etc. you expect to remain with your item during its displays.

I’m a smoker. What was that about cigarette odor?

If an entry arrives with a strong smoke odor, it transfers to the other entries during competition and storage; therefore we may disqualify and return it.


Group Entry Questions

If I have a professional quilter quilt my quilt, do I submit it as a group quilt?

For the purposes of this competition, this is the criteria used: If you pay a professional quilter to quilt your quilt, submit it as an individual entry. That quilter has been compensated for their work. You are welcome to mention them on your entry form, but their name will not be on signs, in the magazine, etc. If you work with another quilter who does not charge, submit it as a group entry. If the quilt is selected for a prize, one prize will be issued to the address on the entry form, and it is up to those in your group to determine how to divide the prize. All names (space permitting) will be included on all signs and in publication.


Notification and Return of Quilt

When will I find out if you'll be accepting my quilt for travel?

We will notify all travelers by email on or before Oct. 7th, 2010. Non travelers will also be notified by this date. If your quilt is selected to travel, you will be given directions for shipping it to the curator to arrive no later than Oct. 15th, 2010.

I do not wish to donate my quilt. When will I receive it back?

Events are planned through 2011. You will know which trunk has your quilt, and the events will be listed on the site. Quilts will be returned 2-3 weeks after their final events.

If my quilt is accepted for travel, how will I know when you receive it?

In addition to the tracking information you can access online with your selected shipper, we email when items are received. Please add us to your safe senders list so that our emails are not caught up in your spam filter. In addition, you are welcome to include a self addressed stamped postcard or letter that we will send as soon as your quilt arrives.


Traveling Collections

Can I request my quilt be included in a particular trunk, or that it go to particular displays? We invite you to request displays for your local guild, show, museum, etc., but are unable to place quilts in requested trunks. Trunks are frequently reassigned events due to schedule changes, so we are unable to guarantee that your quilt will show at a particular location. Once trunks are assigned, however, your organization can request a particular trunk, schedule permitting.

How do you assign quilts to each trunk? The award winners will be evenly distributed between the trunks. After that, all quilts are assigned in a randomized way.


Judge's Comments

Will I get judges comments?

If your quilt is selected to travel, you will be provided with judge's comments. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide comments on quilts that are not accepted to travel.

What can I expect in the comments?

As in most large shows that offer this, this usually consists of 3-5 short comments about the strengths of your quilt, and the same number of areas that may need further attention or improvement. These are objective observations made by trained individuals with experience judging shows professionally. We hope that by offering this, you can learn of areas for future growth, as well as have the strengths of your piece identified. These comments will be emailed to you after judging is completed.



Should I insure my quilt? What if something happens to it?

Yes, you might want to insure your quilt. We attempt to make sure the items are carefully packed and tracked, but loss or damage may occur that is beyond our control. Please check with your homeowner’s insurance agent for coverage.

Should I insure my quilt during shipping?

It has been our experience that insurance through shippers does not cover one-of-a-kind items, like quilts. Your local shipping outlet will tell you that it does, but we learned differently after speaking with the individuals responsible for determining payment of coverage. You are free to obtain insurance, but you may not be able to successfully pursue a claim. We recommend a separate policy/rider with your homeowner's insurance.

Do you have any resources for quilt insurance?

Yes, please contact: Milne & BNC Insurance Attn: Chris Johnson 1750 E. Glendale Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85020-5505 (602) 395-9111



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