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Selected quilts will travel in a minimum of four different collections to an estimated 100+ displays. The main traveling collection will be displayed at as many air shows as possible. An additional two collections will be featured at otherCONA events and naval or military museums. The fourth collection will travel to quilt related shows and displays. Additional displays may be added to accommodate requests from exhibitors. Potentially, this group of quilts will be seen my more viewers than any other quilt display.

Quilt makers can choose to donate their quilts for a special auction that tentatively is planned for Washington DC at the end of 2011. Proceeds from this quilt auction will go to the National Flight Academy, a very exciting camp for 7th-12th grade students. This Academy is poised to become the leader in aviation-inspired learning, delivering a world-class experience that ignites students’ passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The curriculum for this five and a half day immersive camp will be based on accredited STEM principles designed to help prepare students to compete in the challenging technological future. This aviation-based learning environment will reach beyond the traditional academic experience, and will employ state of the art technology in both real and virtual settings. Scholarships will be available for students needing assistance.

To take the flight experience to students not able to attend the National Flight Academy, educational experiences will be available online. From around the globe, students can log on using a PC, X-Box, Wii or PDA and take part in the National Flight Academy’s engaging and interactive aviation-based activities. For example, a class can participate in designing their own aircraft avatar or AVIATAR. They can then fly their AVIATAR in virtual competitions against other schools around the globe.

In addition, virtual aviators can use online workbooks and curriculum guides with individual and team exercises that employ STEM knowledge and concepts used in flight. Live broadcasts will further enhance the learning.



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